Contemplate is a pop duo from Romania featuring Glad Condor (singer/songwriter) and Lucian Vasiac a.k.a. Ronnie (producer, keyboardist and bassist). Throughout their musical adventure, Contemplate gathered inspiration from various styles of music and were influenced by various artists before developing and finding themselves. The influence list is full of old and new rock and pop bands and also features a wide range of uplifting intrumental music, in which the emotion level is on its highest peak. After meeting in 2010, Glad and Ronnie realized how much they have in common when it comes to music and although they were playing in different local bands, they always had in mind, the idea of forming a musical project together. Such an opportunity had presented itself very fast due to the events that led towards the disbanding of their musical groups. They shortly started to meet at jam sessions before deciding to form their first band, “Hiatus M”. At that time, the focus was primarily on making as many live shows as possible, and after a short period of time, the band founds itself touring Romania’s underground music scene with songs that were rather cataloged as rock or even metal. As time flown away, Glad and Ronnie grew increasingly unhappy with the direction that the band was taking and after a couple of shows with an attendance of fifteen to twenty people in Cluj-Napoca, they decided to disband “Hiatus M” in 2015. Their new main objective was to develop their music and also their personal musical skills before heading towards other live shows. This decision has set up the path for a whole new beginning.

 The duo had established itself in a home studio where they begun writing songs. In the summer of 2015, after a three days trip to the Carpathian mountains, they decided to go by the name “Contemplate”, a name that comes hand in hand with their personality and also with the deepness of their newly found pop sound.